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Black Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing is your tattoo and body piercing expert in Island Lake. We are dedicated to doing quality work, and we always get the job done on time and at the highest standards. Our team is comprised of tattoo artists and body piercing specialists who provide excellent, professional experiences in a wide range of styles. We always use the highest quality equipment and supplies to ensure your worked on  in the healthiest Environment  . Experience our work, and see the Black Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing difference.

what to do before you get a tattoo

Getting a new tattoo is similar to having a minor medical procedure done. Your skin is penetrated by rapidly moving needles, that deposit ink beneath the top layer of your skin. Once completed, your tattoo is in fact an open wound, prone to infection and requiring care.

Now, nobody in their right mind would turn up for their medical procedure without having followed the doctors recommendations of pre-care. And they certainly would follow all further aftercare instructions in the hope that their wound will heal well and not require any further medical intervention. Your tattoo is the same.

Considering you're about to spend quite a fair amount of money on your new piece of body art, investing your time on learning how to:

  • Prepare yourself and your body for your tattoo - the more comfortable and prepared you are, is the longer you will be able to sit for your tattoo.

  • How to look after your tattoo once you've had it done - help avoid infections, so your tattoo will heal without any damage.

  • Invest further money on aftercare lotions and a moisturizing  wash intended for tattoo's.

Tattoo Pre-care, preparation and tattoo aftercare will assist with the entire tattoo healing process and give you the best opportunity for your tattoo to completely heal, with no blow out, fading or loss of ink.

Pre-Tattoo Consultation with Your Tattoo Artist

Arrange a pre-tattoo consultation with the tattoo artist you have selected. Your meeting should be at the tattoo studio where you will also get your new tattoo done.

This appointment gives you the opportunity to check out the studio itself. See where you will be sitting when you're getting tattooed, what their infection control procedures are and to ask any questions you may have.

One of the main reasons for your pre-tattoo consultation is to discuss the design of your new tattoo and its positioning on the body. Your artist could possibly draw a quick outline of the shape of your limb on a large piece of paper, for a size reference. This is taken as they may want to pre-draw up your design, on your stencil for when you arrive.

Describe to your tattoo artist the feel or theme you wish your tattoo to have, express color, size and placement. Bring along any reference material you may have for your new tattoo including pictures, colors and examples.

Remember, this is your tattoo. Do what you want with your tattoo, but take into consideration the tattoo artist's professional suggestions and opinions. That is what you are ultimately paying them for, their skill, knowledge and their previous experience with tattooing.

Once you have discussed your design, make sure you ask all the following questions.

  1. Approximately how much $$$ will this tattoo cost?

  2. How long do you estimate this tattoo will take to complete?

  3. How long will this tattoo session be for?

  4. What time do you want me here for my tattoo?

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

All tattoos and piercings come with FREE aftercare inclusive in the price, We also sell aftercare for both Tattoos and piercings as well!!

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget. How do you determine pricing?

We charge by the piece, with a 50.00 min it is pay first , so you can relax !!! if your on a budget tell us what your working with and we can draw accordingly!!!

Do you also tattoo in color?